What People are Saying About Tobin’s Groups and Classes

“I believe that Tobin is the next Adyashanti or Eckhart Tolle.

The sheer awakening presence of sitting in his meditation groups is awesome. One comes away not in awe of another teacher but actually awakened somehow in the mystery and aliveness and beauty of one’s own presence. I think this is a true teacher, who can transmit directly a deeply established state that took many years of hard work and reflection and make it seem so effortless to fall into the silence and presence.”

Elizabeth R.

“Why Everyone Should Sit Satsang with Tobin…

What is the value of Becoming Pervasive Joy as the very substance of the Breathing World. How can one give thanks for True Freedom? How can one measure the liberation from Death and Self? … answers as impossible as Traveling to Infinity. And yet, somehow, I was given that gift.

I have been meditating for almost a decade now, in a variety of different traditions, and guided by many great masters, pundits, and Dharmas… And yet, my time with Tobin this last week, in silent retreat was a revelation.

Specifically what did I walk away with…

A newfound juicy joy in meditation… a sense of resting, of literally not doing anything, and not just bathing in Silence as Love but actually becoming that profound unmovable pervasive Silence that is Love. To become what the Kosmos oozes with, to retrieve my Prior Unity and feel the utter blissful buzz of simply just existing… I am forever grateful.

His new home is also his office and his meditation center. It is called the Living Freedom Dharma Center, and I for one am excited to watch his work unfold.

James W.

“Your meditation gatherings are the most clear and powerful that I have been to. I feel so blessed to be sitting in this sacred circle with you on a weekly in such sweet intimate space.”

Aliah F.

“One of the deepest senses of home I’ve ever felt in a satsang group. I love the space you provide”

Sarah N.

“Thanks for all you have given to the group… especially your presence and generosity of spirit. It has been absolutely transformational.”

Mark S.

“Tobin, my heart wants to speak with you… it is simply saying ‘Thank You.’ It has been life changing knowing you.”

Alice B.

“Thank you for doing your work with such awesome commitment. Your presence gives the space to breathe and BE!”

Lisa V.

“You’re the best teacher with the best heart! I love to come and hear you and find peace within myself… SO grateful!”

Jess C.

“Thank you for your deeply felt words and exquisite presence. I’m honored to be in this sacred space, on this sacred ship that you’re guiding so masterfully into deeper and deeper waters. What a gift you are. With great Love…”

Jim B.

“You have something so unique and you are such a gift to the world.

I think of you as a Jack Kornfield for a different audience ~ younger, fun, on fire about the dharma, and loving the integration of your offerings (spiritual, psychological, profound teachings. etc.) You have a powerful transmission, and it helps me to fully absorb your work.

Thank you for a beautiful experience with your silent retreat. Your response to my question about ‘Beginners Heart’ was particularly meaningful and resonated with me on a deep level. Afterwards, I felt deep peace and that wonderful sense of connecting to the vastness of my being. The heart inquiry continues to live inside of me and your wisdom is powerful. I bow to the depth of your teachings and the transmission I received.”

Tarra C.