Training Men in the Fine Art of Being
A Confidently-Empowered, Powerfully-Attractive, Truly Masterful Man
 in Relationship to Women, Sexuality and to Life.

“Tobin is a Master and a Master Teacher.  He will completely transform your life.

Jenna M.  32

The Men’s Mastery Elite

A  rich and multi-faceted program empowering men
to reach new heights of skill and mastery in the art of:

~ Relating to Women

~Having Mind-Blowing Sex

~Experiencing Authentic Love

~Embodying a Truly Conscious Masculinity. 

Guaranteed to take you from wherever you are to being a true black-belt
when it comes to women, sex, love and empowered living.

The Elite Package

I’m a better brighter happier healthier more whole person because of our 
connection.  I’m so fucking grateful we met, Tobin. I  have infinite Love  for you. You really should start a group for men and teach them all to be more like you.

Liv L. 31

  1. Tobin becomes your ultimate wingman… your personal Obi-Wan Kenobi.

For the time of our mentorship, Tobin will become your partner for true transformation ~ your personal ally ~ committed to your highest potential and greatest good.

He will assist you to experience your deepest desires and highest potentials when it comes to women and sexuality for the rest of your life and beyond.

2.  Up to 3 hours bi-weekly in-person, one-on-one training with beautiful young, masterfully loving Tantrikas .

3.  Personalized trainings/deep-dives (lasting up to 5 hours) on topics of your choice. We will bring in a variety of different experts as co-facilitators for these trainings… including but not limited to: LIVE, in-depth mastery trainings and demos with up to 4 beautiful women at a time.

4.  At least 1 bonus outing where Tobin and/or various Dakinis will become your allies, wing-men, and total support system. We will co-create an experience together designed to maximize fun, richness, and evolutionary potential.

5. Up to 3 hours a week additional impromptu phone support with Tobin to be used for questions and situations that arise in the process of your Journey. You can call anytime, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. (Tobin will not be ‘on-call’ per se, but he will get back to you as soon as his schedule allows and will be generally available to you.)

6. Up to 3 hours a week additional impromptu phone support with Tobin to be used for questions and situations that arise in the process of your Journey.  You can call anytime, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. (I will not be ‘on-call’ per se, but I will get back to you as soon as my schedule allows and will be generally available to you.)

7. Tobin’s complete commitment to your total transformation. 

Your success is his success.

We guarantee that this program will significantly and
permanently improve the quality of your life.

8. Everything in this package is about custom-tailoring a program FOR YOU… for your particular desires, needs and life situation.  

Together we will create the journey that dreams are made of… bringing alive the Truly Masterful Man that lies inside you, ready to experience the life that only the most embodied and masterful men get to enjoy. 

“Every encounter I have with Tobin seems to open me deeper into divine consciousness. I feel like I have been blessed and sent out into the world nourished by love and totally receptive to the flow of forms and sensation.  This is a Man I trust completely.”

Heather L.  30yrs

What is required from YOU:

1.Showing up 

     So that we can make a dramatic and permanent transformation in your life.

2. Transparency.

     Sharing of fears, upsets, successes, embarrassments, history, etc.

3. Feedback 

     About our coaching and the work we’re doing.

4. Willingness

  • To examine your processes (habits, methods, etc.) 
  • To experiment with new ideas and possibilities
  • To begin to act in ways you have never acted in order to create the life that you are meant to have.


  1. Masculinity Mastery ~ Being a Truly Masterful Man 
  2. Attraction Mastery ~ Being a Badass at the art of Seduction
  3. Sexual and Sensual Mastery ~ Being a Badass Lover 
  4. Relationship Mastery ~ Being a Badass in Relating 
  5. Spiritual Mastery ~ Being an Awakened Badass
  6. Financial Mastery ~ Being a Badass with Money


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    To reach Tobin directly, call (415) 283-8925

    The Menu of Options (includes, but is not limited to the following):

    • true empowerment

    • The fine art of STATUS 

    • off-the-charts Threesomes

    • Dancing and Dancefloor mastery

    • Body Language 

    • Touch Skills Mastery

    • Bodywork/Sensual Massage

    • Creating an attractive and congruent ‘Avatar’

    • Ecstatic Living

    • Embodying Authentic Masculinity

    • Fingering/Female Ejaculation

    • Flirting

    • Games that increase intimacy exponentially 

    • Kissing

    • Male Multiple Orgasms

    • Managing Multiple Lovers

    • Masterful Texting & Sexting

    • Sacred Space & Decor

    • Sensation/Sensual Play 

    • Tantra 

    • The fine art “YONI WHISPERING” ™ 

    • Truly honoring a women’s heart

    • Vulnerability and sharing

    • Authenticity and True Love 

    • Building Authentic Self-Esteem

    • Making sex last/Ejaculation control

    • True Inner Confidence

    • inner self approval 

    • FATHER ISSUES being handled

    • cultural conditioning vs. authentic masculinity

    • David Deida principles – 3rd stage

    • Embodying a true alpha male

    • Being well integrated

    • How to BE the man every woman wants

    • Showing up fully as a man. 

    • Commitment to your own Purpose above ALL else!

    • Cultivating the divine masculine quality of your essence 

    • Seeing Your woman as an extension of God.

    • Being in true oneness while loving

    • Sex as a prayer

    • Intensity/Potency

    • Attuned Assertion

    • Skills for Edgewalking

    • The Physical Component Embodiment/nature/etc. 

    • Attraction

    • Presentation

    • being “non-needy”

    • Overcoming the “kitty hunting with a bell effect”

    • Overcoming Approach Anxiety

    • body language mastery 

    • Building Rapport 

    • KINO escalation – the art of building sensuality through touch

    • Building sexual attraction naturally

    • sexy embodiment

    • Opening  

    • DHV’ing

    • being confident/funny 

    • skillful eye contact

    • Attuning to the feminine heart

    • Subtle Tantra

    • Reading a nonverbal cues


    • “Erotic Mastery”

    • Adoring/Complimenting

    • fingering (clit/gspot/ deepspot/female ejaculation, stroking)

    • womens squirting orgasms

    • asking for FEEDBACK artfully

    • Finding God through sex 

    • threesome mastery/multiple people play

    • Tantric love-making skills every woman wishes you knew

    • Relationship Mastery

    • Communicating truths skillfully

    • Being with women’s Emotions

    • “New Paradigm Relating” …all that that entails

    • living the reality of Unconditional Love

    • the cure to co-dependency

    • The fine art of COMMUNICATION

    • managing multiple lovers

    • Mastering appreciation of your woman 

    • transparency, authenticity, 

    • being “allies”/friends

    • The Hendrick’s model 

    • “Energetic Generosity”

    • Recognizing your impact – calibrating for maximum goodness in relationships

    • Ending relationships gracefully (process for completing relationships)

    • True Love ~ building over time!

    • The Masculine/feminine dance and how to stay “positively polarized”

    • ever deepening connection

    • How to get out of / stay out of power struggles. 

    • Long term relationship as a cauldron for Healing inner wounds… becoming whole, mature, truly healed. 

    • Healing deep emotional wounds

    • Alchemy for true healing and maturation in relationship 

    • Balancing the ability to Honor Self and care for other. 

    • integrating the inner masculine/feminine relationship 

    • being with vulnerability /surrender

    • building trust

    • falling in love vs rising in love

    • Widening the range of masculine/feminine

    • Spiritual Mastery

    • Cultivating a genuinely loving heart

    • Making women truly blossom

    • Being a truly Integrous/noble man

    • “riding waves” well… 

    • How to listen and follow the deeper guidance in any relating

    • the willingness /Devotion to go thru the ‘hot-spot’ into 

    • the Truly Undifferentiated state of Authentic Oneness 

    • Wholeness

    • Mindfulness practices in the art of loving

    • “Love”: How to be Truly loving in your life as a badass lover

    • “Sourcing From Within” 

    • Being with your emptiness to find wholeness/god.  

    • Stilling the mind 

    • Being free of the Inner Critic